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    Romans 12:12
    “Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”
    – NLT

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About Jenny May Ministries

Monsters Mice Mercy COVBack 2

Motivational Speaker

Jenny-May has a powerful speaking and teaching ministry covering a multitude of topics in a fun, practical and humorous manner. Her desire to see people succeed is infectious. She has a way of dealing with people young and old, and can address an audience across any spectrum with tangible results and awaken missed potential which was inside of them all along.


Jenny-May is the author of Monsters, Mice and Mercy published by Lion Hudson in the United Kingdom.

This autobiography is captivating, and readers are left touched and inspired.

Monsters, Mice and Mercy: A true story of the victory of the human spirit through the grace of God and the right to choose.


Jenny-May enjoys taking week-end conferences to empower people.

A variety of conference themes from Finding your purpose to Releasing past hurts offers each delegate the opportunity to leave equipped and inspired.

Did you know that there is a place in your spirit that can only be filled by God?

We are all going to live forever, however, you need to choose where to spend eternity.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal saviour will start your journey to eternal salvation.

Father God, I am a sinner, and need You.

Please forgive my sins.

I believe that Jesus is Your Son,

And that He died on the cross for me.

Come into my life,

And renew me through Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name.


Celebrate your new beginning and new life in Christ.

Transform and renew your mind by joining a Bible-based church or Bible study group, and grow daily with Christian CD’s and music.

You will never look back!